Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give thanks!

Hello fellow readers! We all know tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful! I'm am very thankful for an amazing family, great friends, and a roof over my head. I'm also thankful for the foods we eat, the pets we have, and our loving neighbors. What are you thankful for? One reason I cant wait for tomorrow is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Hey, did you know Victoria Justice is going to be there? I love her! I'm also excited for the food! Haha, you probably already guessed that! What's your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving? I like the turkey and the mashed potatoes! Lets see what other people like! "Noah, What do you like to eat on Thanksgiving?" "FOOD" "Really Noah" " I LIKE THE FOOD THE BEST!" " Thank you for your time Noah??? I'm guessing he likes the pumpkin pie" "Daddy, What do you like?" " Turkey!" "Mama, what's your favorite food?" "Stuffing!" Okay! Well that's what my family likes! What do you like? Do you have any traditions? Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


  1. Your post was funny! Happy Thanksgiving Emma! I like to put a lot of gravy on my turkey. I also like the green bean casserole. We miss you very much and hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Say hello to everyone for us.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We miss you very much. Julie had Thanksgiving with you Uncle John and Aunt Kelly. She said it was really nice. Tell everyone we said hi.