Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
Hi! I've been pretty good this year! Here is my Christmas list for this year! :) I would like Omaha Steaks, (I said it! And I know my meats!.... I really do..No I VERY much do), a mini laptop (or one with a camera on it so i can skype with other people!), a duck pillow pet! (You gave me the piggy last year and omg it's so soft! OINK!), I would be very pleased if you got me a flat screan TV too. (22" to fit on my mini table) Oh boy, have you seen me beg for the silvery, shiny ,cute, soft.. (daydreaming-sorry) Anyways it's an Eddie Bauer coat! I fell in love with it a first sight! It's like we knew mentally we were a perfect match! The coat.. Love it! I would say thats the top thing on my list! Next thing, I really love pajamas and clothes from Aeropostal. So C-U-T-E! Well thats all I'm asking for this year! ( Remember last year my list filled aproximetley 2-3 pages?? ) Thanks for all the joy you bring to the world, Santa! Merry 15 more days 'till Christmas!
Emma R. Corbelli


  1. Hehe forgot to capotilize the letter I! oops..

  2. Good luck! They seem like really nice gifts. We miss you and love you very much!