Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter wonderland!

Hello everyone! As you can see, my title is winter wonderland! Well it's winter...uckk... and heck yeah it's a wonderland!!! You get to go shopping, and shopping, and shopping! You get to buy some cool jeans, some cute long sleeved shirts and yes... new winter clothes!!! I love shopping for winter coats because there are so many different designs and they all are super soft!! Speaking of shopping for the winter... I am this Saturday!! I'm going to the mall, old navy, and you probably know what my favorite part of the mall is. THE FOOD COURT! ;) One of my best friends here in Iowa got the cutest winter coat at old navy! That's what made me want to go! She has a brown one and I was thinking about getting about getting a pink one! So back on winter stuff. Tomorrow is supposed to be only 26 degrees!! Oh, and there might be a chance of flurries tonight.. and I'm not very fond of that.. Guess I'll have to deal with that. I know we are all excited for this Thanksgiving coming up and I am too! Just thinking about the turkey makes me melt, and the mashed potatoes ( served with gravy! ) too! But you all know Christmas is just around the corner! Did you know there's 38 more days? So leave me a comment or 2 on what you want for Christmas and what is your favorite food served at the table on Thanksgiving! Oh, and what color coat should I get? Happy almost holidays!

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