Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Season!

Hello Everyone! Oh, and like my new backround?! At my house, we are putting all our fall stuff away and getting Christmas decorations! I even decorate my bedroom! I have a tree (I have a bunch of ornaments!) and Christmas lights! Speaking of ornaments, I have a lot of random ones, a collection of nut cracker ornaments, and a cute little pug ornament. My grandma gave me the CUTEST, I repeat, CUTEST bobble head for Christmas like 2 years ago... ish. :) It's a pug and it has an adorable little Christmas hat on that rings! Well It's basically wearing a Santa outfit! I L-O-V-E love it! Did you do your Christmas shopping yet? I'm going today! So what's on your Christmas list? From Santa, I'm asking for a dog. Nothin else. Just a dog! Last year and the year before that, I asked for a silver or black lab. I think I want a french bulldog now tho. So cute!Leave me some comments on what's on your list!


  1. My wish list includes a trip to Iowa to see Niece Emma, a new camera and a million dollars! Have fun decorating!

  2. I agree with Ami..a visit is on the top of my list as well!

  3. Underwear and socks! What fun!