Friday, November 19, 2010

Today in science class we...

Forgot to tell you that I have the grossest science class EVER! It's on the human body and how to eat healthy and try new foods! Learning how your body works grosses me out, but not so much the food part! I mean like, what if you looked at a picture of a REAL heart that pumps blood! It's not one of those cute, girley hearts where you always go awww when you see them!! It looks like a rotten steak with wormy things on them!!! GAG! Sorry if I grossed you out on description of what your heart looks like... Anyway, today we were working on trying new foods so we had to bring a fruit or vegetable. Our science teacher told us to bring a unique food or veggie. Well, I just brought banana chips.. They were still good though! But this one kid brought this star fruit thingy majigger! That was really good! And.... this other kid brought onions..... yay :/ ....... LOL! My life saving friend brought pomegranates! She is deffinetley a life saver! Okay well I'm gonna wrap this post up. But before I go, tell me what foods you ABSOLUTLEY HATE!, and ones that you are CRAZAY FOR!! Bye!! ( smiley with tounge sticking out! )

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  1. I don't like shellfish, but I love salads! Wait till you get to dissect a heart. That's always fun.