Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's!

Well it is the new year and I thought I would share some of my resolutions and what I am doing with my friends. I already finished my new years resolution because i only had two. My first one was to use better hand writing. I can check that off now. And my other one is to become a babysitter. Natalie and I are making a babysitting service and we have to make flyer's. Natalie and I play this website called Club Penguin and since we have our own camera's and Natalie has a You Tube account ( I might get a You Tube account) we are going to make a movie on Club Penguin! We have the title and it is, Prom Night in CP. (CP stands for club penguin it's an abbreviation) We tried getting actors but they didn't really get it. Hehe! I will tell you what the movie is about. First, everyone is just dancing and everyone is having fun at the prom. Then, BOOM! The lights go out! Then a monster come in and says, " So you want your light back?? THEN SOLVE THIS RIDDLE! And if you don't get this riddle solved on the first time, NO MORE LIGHTS IN CLUB PENGUIN FOREVER!!!!" That's what we have so far. We still have don't have a riddle!! So I need your help for a riddle!!! Thanks for reading my blog!!!!

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  1. did u guys decide on what flyer u wanna use for ur babysitting service?? and i can't wait to hear what happens in ur CP movie! unfortunately, i don't know of any good riddles so i can't help u there. and also...i love u and miss u terribly. *muah*